Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thus enters the world of "blogging"

Well - I've done it. I feel a little like a Lemming leaping off that cliff... "Blogging" is all the rage! Everyone's doing it!

But, that's ok. It's a chance to practice my writing and how can that be a bad thing? I'll warn you now - if this turns out anything like my diary, you might have to wait until next year to read another entry. But, I'll try to be good. Something to aspire to, at any rate. I guess I simply fear that my life isn't interesting enough to write about, day to day. So, I might have to throw a little fiction in. Don't worry - I'll mark the fantasies from the realities.

Today has been a typical Saturday. I slept in. That's what my weekends are good for, too much of the time. Catching up on my sleep. But, I really wonder if that just makes me more sleepy Monday through Friday. They say you should keep to a routine. Hmm....

Tyler's off golfing. A favorite past time of his.

Alex is playing with the bird. She's gotten the poor parakeet to perch on her foot now. She's so silly! Poor Kiwi. She's a cute little thing. They both are - bird and girl.

Alex started school last week. She got 100% on her first spelling test!! I'm sooo proud! Like mother like daughter. I can't wait till the spelling bees start. I won one or two of those, back in the day. And I still remember the word that took me down. Parallel. (you might want to check the spelling on that.)

I just watched a movie - I joined a while back and some days I've got more movies to watch than I know what to do with. It was "The Number 23". Not a particularly nice movie. It's quite twisted, but strangely clever. And it, bizarrely enough, has a rather poignant message at the end. More or less that your bad deeds will always surface, no matter how far down you try to bury them. So, you might as well live your life the right way. Why tempt fate?

Then I got on the Internet to balance my check book (which, I still haven't done) and answered the e-mail of my old neighbor. She's a blogger, too. I felt inspired. Of course, hers is a much funner read. She's one of those people who have that natural light and wit about them. She's a lot of fun and it shows in the way she writes about her life. I don't think I quite have that. But, there's always tomorrow, eh? :)

Well - I'll wrap it up for now. Alex is hungry and the oven's beeping at me. Perhaps, I'll have something more interesting to write about tomorrow.