Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Find!! Gearing Up for an Agent Blogfest!!

Hey, everyone!!  How's it going?  I'm taking a small blogcation to enjoy a real vacation.  I'll miss you all terribly  (I already have been, I've been SUCH a slacker!!), but I'll be back on July 6th.  So, first of all -


Second of all - check out this fun blogfest:

Check it out HERE!!
The blogfest offers a month long challenge to gear up to query and FINALLY get an AGENT!!  Even if you're not quite at that point, I'm guessing that the exercises planned will be a great learning experience.  Something to think about.... :)

Happy Writing/Reading/Living and I'll *see* you all soon!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Find the Story Friday!!! Here comes the FLOOD.... and a winner!!

Happy Friday, all!!

You know, it's been a REALLY wet spring in Utah.  It seems as if every river/stream/ditch is looking to jump its banks lately ~ sand bags are dominating lawn decor ~ tractors are showing off what they're best at ~ homes and farmlands and even children are at risk, if the water gets too close.

I certainly don't want to make light the situation, but in the stories we write, our MCs inevitably face some kind of tragedy that affects them in more ways than one.  It could dictate conflict, it's usually an integral part to the character arc, it could set a whole story in motion.  Has a flood ever leaked into your story world?  Keep this in mind as you look at my find the story Friday pic of the week:


What's happened here?

Close your eyes a moment, dig deep, and tell me a story about this picture.

I kind of hate to use that as a lead in to a prize announcement, but I did promise that today was the day...

The winner of my signed copy of POSSESSION is..............................................

Kari Marie!!!!

Congratulations, Kari!!!  Please e-mail me your address so I can get this book out to you right away!!  :)

No more tragedy talk ~ have a safe weekend and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dads out there!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writerly Wednesday ~ A twist on TV

The QoP (that would be me, btw) welcomes you all to another Writerly Wednesday!!

I have a question for all of you? How many of you have story ideas influenced by television? I'll admit - I once started a story about a fat housewife who found a way to teleport into her favorite TV shows and had an affair with Commander Riker... :)

And do you ever find yourself likening your stories to different shows? "Dear Agent - My 350,000 word YA fantasy is Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Survivor."

Is television a worthy muse?


I'd have to say that there's four types of television watchers:

1. The D.I.H.A.T.s: Do I Have A TV? These are the precious few that actually have better things to do than mindlessly watch TV. I imagine they have really good posture and arch an eyebrow when they speak. Clearly, their muses are tangible and talk to them on a regular basis. TV doesn't stand a chance...

2. The H.O.R.Ts: Hooked on Reality TV. These people may need a 12-step program. Seriously. They're junkies - hooked on the adrenaline rush that comes with intense competition. Reality TV isn't reality TV without some healthy competition - be it singing, dancing, surviving the wild, cooking, getting the guy, getting the girl, getting the celebrity...etc. What is the muse telling this person, anyway?

3. The I.W.A.G.S: I'll Watch A Good Show. This person will watch a few good shows. They don't deviate too much. Once they find a fun sitcom and a good law/medical drama - they're SET! Is this person's muse as steady?

4. The T.I.H.I.L.s: TV Is How I Live!! This happens to be the category that I fall into... you know, the people who look up the fall TV preview on TV to schedule their fall viewing line-up, DVR'ing one show, while watching another and spending their free time catching up on seasons of several shows via both their Netflix and Blockbuster memberships. Yeah, this person's muse is lucky to get a word in edge-wise. have to wonder...if the TIHILs have a moment to focus on writing, with all those TV stories flowing through their veins, are their written words unwittingly laced with pure genius? ;) Hmm... it's a theory I like, anyways.

So, what do you think? Can watching copious amounts of TV inspire? Or is it the opposite? And which category do you fall into? Do tell!!

(*AND DON'T FORGET!!  I'm giving away a signed copy of POSSESSION on Friday.  Check it out HERE!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Find the Story Friday!!!! A book...signed...

Happy Friday to all of you ~ my lovely, talented, kind, supportive, awesome fellow bloggers and writing friends!!  I feel like I've been distant lately ~ not visiting, commenting, or responding like I need to.  No excuses, here.  But, I am sorry... :(

Sadly, not sorry enough to keep me from bragging...a little... *semi-evilly laughs*

Here's a pic or two for the day:

A shiny new book!!  No really - it's shiny!

And it has an awesome signature in it!

I have the good fortune of living close to a cute little independent bookstore called The King's English, which just happens to be a local haunt for some awesome Utah authors.  They host several signing events and launch parties every year and I went to one on the 8th.  Any guesses who I met?  >:D  (you're seething jealousy about now, right?)

Can I just say - our reigning blog queen, query ninja, and lover of all things bacon gave the most inspiring, heartfelt, witty, fun, clever, touching, eloquent, charming and humble speech about her journey to publication and just what the launch and release of POSSESSION meant to her.  Ah, I kind of wished I'd taped it.  Elana Johnson's words - too cool.  I imagine myself tripping over my words with too many hmmms and uhhhs, but Elana didn't stumble once.  Should I be so lucky to publish and launch a book some day ~ I hope I can deliver my own words as seamlessly and as entertainingly as she delivered hers.

And can I also just say - the love in that  She packed the house.  What an amazing support system she has in all her different worlds.  I'll admit, I'm a little jealous.  I'm sure her close friends would agree that it's a gift to be in Elana's inner circle of awesome.  I brought my daughter with me and she kept saying about Elana, "Wow, she's just so nice!"

Anyhoo!!  I'm almost positive that everyone who follows my blog has either already read an arc of POSSESSION, had pre-ordered it for delivery on the 7th, or rushed out last Tuesday to buy it and DEVOUR it!  But, just in case you haven't...??  I have a signed copy I'd like to give away.

Simple entry - (U.S. followers, only - so sorry!!)  1 - be a follower 2 - comment about a book signing you attended, or a rule you've broken in the past.

Easy peasy!!  I'll announce the winner next Friday - so comment away!!!  Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Broken Rule Reminiscing....

Happy Release Day, POSSESSION!! *throws bacon-bit confetti for Elana* :)  Check this out:

I haven’t read Vi’s story yet (picking up my books soon! Yay!), but I’m pretty sure she’d grant me membership into her RBP (rule-breakers posse).

Talking about the game, Sardines, yesterday – I started to think about a different hide-and-seek game I used to play in high school. During my senior year, the big thing to do (and don’t ask why, please – because I honestly can’t explain it) was to sneak into the local cemetery to visit Flo.

Flo was the name of a ghostly girl who died too young in life in the late 1800’s. To get her to come out and play, you had to walk down to her headstone, read the epitaph and then walk back up the lane slowly without looking back, until you reached the top/starting point. Flo would appear as a green glowing ball and follow you up the lane.

I think it worked. I think I may have seen something. It could have been a random headlight, hitting a reflective bulb positioned just so in a nearby tree to make me think there was a green, glowing ball. It might have been something else. I had a few friends tell me that Flo appeared to them as a girl in a long dress. Of course, that was all the times I wasn’t with them. Hmm…

Regardless, the cemetery closed at dusk and being inside after dark was technically trespassing. But, we did it anyways. And several times, my friends and I even had to duck behind headstones and freeze like statues as patrol cars passed a few feet away from us, their searchlights panning the grass and paths for movement.

*shakes head* Ahh. The things kids do… Still -I never got caught. I broke the rules. Successfully. :) Would I recommend cemetery-dodge-the-cops-hide-and-seek to future generations of teenagers? As a mother to a teenage girl, I know I should answer “NO!” to that question… I plead the fifth.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's ALL Fun and Games Blogfest!!! Sardines, anyone? :)

Today is Alex J. Cavanaugh's It's All Fun and Games Blogfest!!!  Can I get a "Woot woot!"  :)

Click HERE to see all entries!!
I LOVE games!!  In fact, I make it a point to do a game night with the gals at least once a month.  It'd be every weekend if it were up to me.  Games are wonderful for some bonding, healthy competition, and laughter with friends and family.  There is always some type of game going on at every Weaver holiday get together.  Here's my (near the) top faves:


Omigosh!  I LOVE Cranium!!  This game has it all - humming (yes, you read that right), drawing, charades, word puzzles, trivia, clay sculpting.  I've had some of my most favorite memories come from a rousing game of Cranium.  If you've never played this WONDERFUL game - run to a local store and pick it up TODAY!


The best time to play sardines?  At night.  The best place to play sardines?  A big house/space with LOTS of hiding places.  The best group of people to play sardines with?  This one's fun for the WHOLE family!!!  It's basically like reverse hide-n-seek.  Instead of everyone hiding and one person finding - one person hides and the whole group goes out to find them.  As you find the one person, you're supposed to hide with them, until there is only one person left.  Dark, large spaces with oodles of hiding space are essential!


Hand and Foot.  This could keep you going for HOURS, but it sure is fun!!  Never heard of it before?  Ask me all about it.  :)  *Oh, and make sure you've got LOTS of decks of cards...

Thanks, Alex and gang, for hosting another FUN blogfest!!  I can't wait to hop around and see what other great games everyone is playing.  What's your favorite game?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Find the Story Friday!!! TAG!

Happy Friday, all!!  First ~ your pic of the week:


little snafu with my pic this week - but, I found this worthy one here.
Did you play TAG as a kid?  I remember playing kissing tag in 3rd grade... ;)  One of my first kisses came from a friend who found me huddled and hiding inside a big blue tractor tire on the playground.  I remember it seemed wet and sandy and, let's face it.  A little awkward.  3rd grade boys just don't quite know what to do with their mouths...yet (thank goodness!!).

Which reminds me - I've been TAGGED!!  Michael @ In Time tagged me first.  If you don't know Michael, he's seriously one of the nicest, most supportive, just darn awesome bloggers out there!  Go visit him NOW!  Pretty please?  And if you're in the mood for pics of some lovely beaches, please go visit my second very lovely tagger, Danette over at There's A Place I Dream About.

Ok - so a few questions to answer:

1.  Do you think you're hot?  HAHAHAHA!!  Oh, I'm not sure I can type an answer to this with a straight face...  unless you mean heat hot and then, yes.  Summer is not always my friend...

2.  Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment:  Ok - this if from my work PC: 

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?  Yesterday - chicken and black bean burrito from Taco Time, yummmmmm.

4. The Song/Songs you listened to recently?  I can't seem to get enough of Ke$ha's Blow.  (ok, sorry.  that just sounds wrong...)

5.  What were you thinking while doing this?  Quit lolly-gagging!

6.  Do you have nicknames?  What are they?  The acceptable nicknames are Done (as in condone), my Dad calls me Ea (ee-uh), or when he thinks he's being funny - Flea (flee-uh).  I had an 8th grade PE teacher call me Donut, because she never could pronounce my name.

7.  Tag 8 blogger friends:

I'm sure by now - all of these people have been tagged.  And I hate to pick just 8 - because you're ALL fabulous!!  But, if you don't know any of these wonderful bloggers - I encourage you to visit them:

Amy Richardson (a newbie to blogging and my cousin!!)

Who's listed as #1:  Jess!!  She's frawesome!!  If you need a writing tip, or link, or editor blog, or info on anything writerly related - Jess is your gal.  Her links are as amazing as she is!!

Say something about #5:  My sister from another Mister!!  :)  Change one little letter and Donna could be me!!  And she's from UT to boot ~ crazy!

How did you get to know #3:  Colene is a blogging buddy from way back!  (Ok, last fall...but still)  She's easy to get to know, so personable, edgy, tells it like it is and just cool.  Plus we share a secret love for Xena. :)

How about #4:  Abby was one of my very first followers and a fellow BtVS lover!  And also another mother to an awesome only girl.  She's an awesome blogger buddy to have.

Leave a message for #6:  Hey, Kari!  What's up, girl?  I hope someone has told you today that You Rock!

Leave a lovey-dovey message for #2:  Alex, how did you end up there??  Hmm...well, something to do with "frakking" came to mind, but as we're both married...that just seemed inappropriate.  :p  So, I'll go with, "Love long and prosper!"

Do #7 and #8 have similarities?  Meredith and Amy?  They're both kick-a writers who share a dream.  They both know me (to some extent).  They're both seriously talented and awesome!  Three's good, right?

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writerly Wednesday - READ with PURPOSE!!

Happy Writerly Wednesday!!  Again - simple tip for you today:


What do I mean by that?  Well, I just finished reading The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker.  FABULOUS, btw!!

Check it out!!

I started reading this book with the purpose of picking out the reasons why it works/doesn't work.  (totally works!)  What did I like about it?  How did they set up their chapters?  How did they handle things like description and backstory?  Did they use any passive voice?  Were the characters identifiable/unique?  How can reading this book make me a better writer?

The answer to the last question was, "Umm - because it's AWESOME!"  Seriously, if Kate, Liam and Seth are looking for a fourth - PICK ME, PICK ME!!

Considering the event that sets off this story, the death of Kate's best friend, and Kate's struggle to come to terms with the loss of a loved one - the wonderful humor laced throughout is so well done!  And if you want an example of a kick-a teen-girl voice, Kate's your girl.  It taught me a few tips on dealing with backstory and peppering in sensory detail.  Need ideas on how to create suspense?  Please read this book!  I even learned that it's ok to "tell" rather than "show" on occasion.  It's also a great example of a fun stand-alone story that offers series potential.

I started reading this book with a purpose.  I enjoyed it as a bonus!  Tell me, how many of you take an approach to how you read a book?  And how does it help your writing?

I've got a TAG to catch up on ~ I'll try to do that on Friday.  Otherwise, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.  Happy purposeful reading!!