Friday, June 3, 2011

Find the Story Friday!!! TAG!

Happy Friday, all!!  First ~ your pic of the week:


little snafu with my pic this week - but, I found this worthy one here.
Did you play TAG as a kid?  I remember playing kissing tag in 3rd grade... ;)  One of my first kisses came from a friend who found me huddled and hiding inside a big blue tractor tire on the playground.  I remember it seemed wet and sandy and, let's face it.  A little awkward.  3rd grade boys just don't quite know what to do with their mouths...yet (thank goodness!!).

Which reminds me - I've been TAGGED!!  Michael @ In Time tagged me first.  If you don't know Michael, he's seriously one of the nicest, most supportive, just darn awesome bloggers out there!  Go visit him NOW!  Pretty please?  And if you're in the mood for pics of some lovely beaches, please go visit my second very lovely tagger, Danette over at There's A Place I Dream About.

Ok - so a few questions to answer:

1.  Do you think you're hot?  HAHAHAHA!!  Oh, I'm not sure I can type an answer to this with a straight face...  unless you mean heat hot and then, yes.  Summer is not always my friend...

2.  Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment:  Ok - this if from my work PC: 

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?  Yesterday - chicken and black bean burrito from Taco Time, yummmmmm.

4. The Song/Songs you listened to recently?  I can't seem to get enough of Ke$ha's Blow.  (ok, sorry.  that just sounds wrong...)

5.  What were you thinking while doing this?  Quit lolly-gagging!

6.  Do you have nicknames?  What are they?  The acceptable nicknames are Done (as in condone), my Dad calls me Ea (ee-uh), or when he thinks he's being funny - Flea (flee-uh).  I had an 8th grade PE teacher call me Donut, because she never could pronounce my name.

7.  Tag 8 blogger friends:

I'm sure by now - all of these people have been tagged.  And I hate to pick just 8 - because you're ALL fabulous!!  But, if you don't know any of these wonderful bloggers - I encourage you to visit them:

Amy Richardson (a newbie to blogging and my cousin!!)

Who's listed as #1:  Jess!!  She's frawesome!!  If you need a writing tip, or link, or editor blog, or info on anything writerly related - Jess is your gal.  Her links are as amazing as she is!!

Say something about #5:  My sister from another Mister!!  :)  Change one little letter and Donna could be me!!  And she's from UT to boot ~ crazy!

How did you get to know #3:  Colene is a blogging buddy from way back!  (Ok, last fall...but still)  She's easy to get to know, so personable, edgy, tells it like it is and just cool.  Plus we share a secret love for Xena. :)

How about #4:  Abby was one of my very first followers and a fellow BtVS lover!  And also another mother to an awesome only girl.  She's an awesome blogger buddy to have.

Leave a message for #6:  Hey, Kari!  What's up, girl?  I hope someone has told you today that You Rock!

Leave a lovey-dovey message for #2:  Alex, how did you end up there??  Hmm...well, something to do with "frakking" came to mind, but as we're both married...that just seemed inappropriate.  :p  So, I'll go with, "Love long and prosper!"

Do #7 and #8 have similarities?  Meredith and Amy?  They're both kick-a writers who share a dream.  They both know me (to some extent).  They're both seriously talented and awesome!  Three's good, right?

Have a great weekend!!


Crystal Collier said...

How fun! Gosh that picture brings back memories...

Elena Solodow said...

I'm always impressed by the quality of desktop photos available.

Susan Kane said...

Tag was more brutal in my school. Slow people like me got plowed under. Love the photo!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks! Fortuantely I just did my tag last week.
And you haven't missed the blogfest - it's this coming Monday. Sign up - just need one more to hit one hundred participants.

Jess said...

Funny nicknames (except Donut~ that gym teacher should be locked up and forced to do the middle school sit-up test 100 times a day)!

Everytime I read the chicken question on one of these Tags I get really hungry.

Mmmmmm...chicken burrito

Thanks for tagging me, sweet girl!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Thanks, Sister by another Mister. I wonder if my parents would be surprised they have another daughter. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd "tagged" post I have read today. Interesting questions and answers.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I loved the tulips...especially because they're yellow.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Abby Minard said...

Thanks for tagging me, sweets! These were so cute! Love the picture too- I used to play tv tag at school. The person would tag you and you had to name a show no one else has named yet or else you'd be the next one that's 'it'. I think that's how it went, anyway ;p

Danette said...

Great answers, Very cute and made me smile!!! Glad you had fun with it. That hot question is ridiculous, unless you're 20something, I think. And even then...

Such fun!

Meredith said...

Aw, you're so sweet! And I love your nicknames. :)

ali said...

Now I have an idea of how to pronounce your name when we meet on Wednesday!

Bossy Betty said...

Really hated tag when I was a kid. Could you tell I was slow? Thanks for not tagging me. I think I would have to go see a therapist.

alexia said...

I loved tag! Though I don't remember a kissing one...

Fun tag answers! Have a great weekend!

Kari Marie said...

Kissing Tag? Kids must have played that when I wasn't around....

Enjoyed your answers, thanks for Tagging me! Post up tomorrow.

Michael Di Gesu said...

What fun answers Donea!

Thanks so much for the kind shout out... I feel the same about you!

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