If you ever visit Utah...

This is my home state!  Lived here ALL my life (perhaps that's why I love to travel so much...), but I have to say - it's really a GREAT STATE to live in.  We've got all four seasons, no volcanos (unless you count the super underground volcano in nearby Wyoming, but I try not to think about that....), no major earthquakes (hope I didn't just jinx us!!!), no tornadoes (you heard differently?  Rumor!), no hurricanes (don't let the "salt" in Great Salt Lake fool you, we're totally inland), no super hot weather (just drive north), not a ton of snow (just drive south), oh and this little thing called The Sundance Film Festival (yeah, we're totally cool!) - and for us writers, The Utah Shakespeare Festival!!

Anyhow - if you're ever in my neck of the Rocky Mountains, here's a few visitor links you might find useful:

Visiting Utah
Art, Events, Theatre, Stuff to do when you're here
Coming in the Summer?  Farmer's Markets, baby!!
Sundance Film Festival (usually held in January)
Wanna go Wheelin'?  Moab's the Place to be
You have heard that we've got the GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH, right?
"Where for art thou, Cedar City?"  Annual Shakespearean Festival!!
Temple Square
A little history on the Pioneers who settled this state
Gardner Village - home the the best Witch's Night Out!!  & other fun stuff