Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the One Where I Equate Getting my Dog to Look up and Sit Still for a Picture...to Writing. :)

Hello my fellow bloggers and writing friends!! 

I know I've been in-blog-visible lately...all I can say is that I've missed you all terribly, *virtual hugs to all*, and hope you'll still stop by and say "hello" to an old bloggy friend? *fingers and toes crossed*

Besides, I had to get this post up that I promised you months ago!!! And I KNOW many of you can relate ~

This writing thing...why do we do it? It's sort of like getting your pet to sit still for picture, isn't it?

I can get him positioned one way, but just as I go in for the pic!! Head turn.

And then, of course, something fascinating, like a bird ruffling feathers in a nearby bush, distracts him...

Try three...another head turn just as I click!

And then after a few (dozen!!!) more tries...the dog's just done.

BUT!!!  With a little patience and persistence...as with all things...in the end, you might just get the money shot:

I love writing and I love my cute, little dog. Why? Because both of these things make me happy. And things that make me happy are totally worth my time and patience.

Happy writing, my friends!!!!  Hope you're all doing wonderfully and find something that makes you happy today!! :)