Sunday, October 4, 2009

True to Form

Procrastination...I'm so very good at it. Wow - 10 months later and here's the 2nd post for 2009. I guess my life just isn't that interesting. Or I'm lazy. Or my short-term memory for things like this is really, really getting fuzzy. Is there a good vitamin for memory boosting? Heck! I'm only 35. I shouldn't have to worry about memory boosting so soon, do I? What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Procrastination and how I'm really good at it. I looked up the list of Farmer's Markets again today. It had been my goal to hit more that just the Ogden one this year, like usual. However - looking at the list, they all ended last of September or yesterday. Hmm...ok, then. So - now I'm preparing my list of Halloween themed events to attend. We'll see how many I actually get to. There's the Odyssey Dance Theater's production of "Thriller" that I'd really like to go to. I have to do at least one haunted house (taking Alex to it, at any rate - :)) Corn mazes and Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving Point and Witches Night out. SOOO many fun things to do! If only I'd get out and do them. Wow, I really should be more organized by my age, right? I should have hit that "put together" stage of life at 30. I did finally send out a few query letters to agents on my book. I've been procrastinating that dream for some time. I've also received 2 rejections. It's dis-heartening, but - I'll keep sending them out, keep editing my stuff, keep writing. If there's one thing I try to do without letting procrastination drive it into's my writing. It's a (late) start, at any rate. Oooh! And I did finally go to Europe! London, baby! It was fabulous. Maybe my "put together" stage starts now. One step at a time. I'll try to make my next post before 2010. Ciao, bellas! :)