Thursday, March 27, 2014

A word about Pitch Contests ~ :)

Hello, my lovelies!!

I hope you're all having a FANTASTIC day ~ :)

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out about some upcoming pitch contests for aspiring, unpublished writers. If you've never entered one - my advice to you: DO IT! Like...DO IT, NOW!! :)  *takes Miss Bossy hat off*

Seriously, though - you should enter one. They are virtually painless, I promise. Yes, there may be a minor period of utter self-loathing if you don't get picked for the agent round, but here's the thing:

You will LEARN something.

In the ever-changing landscape of publishing, it never hurts to keep tabs on writing/agent trends. HOWEVER! And this is important ~ you still need to write the stories that you want/love/need to write. But, to keep in touch with trends, agents, and the fabulous writing community, it's my humble opinion that pitch contests are a great way to do it.

I've had my ups and downs with contests like these - for sure. Everyone does. I've made it through to agent rounds a few times. I've completely missed the boat at other times. But, I keep entering. I keep LEARNING something. I keep connecting with other writers. I keep championing the lucky few who do make it to the agent round. I keep giving thanks to the awesome people who donate their time to creating these opportunities for aspiring writers like me. I keep on keeping on, because I firmly believe that there is no reward without a little risk. And, honestly, the worst thing that can happen is that someone says "No." This time. Maybe. And it may not happen the next time. Maybe you'll be that lucky entry in the agent round that works up a "requesting" frenzy!

Of course, you'll never know for sure unless you enter.

SOOOOOOO... :)  Here are a few contests, via twitter hashtags, to go check out TODAY!  Happy writing and good luck, my friends!!!

#NestPitch    Submissions Apr. 1st and 2nd
#PitchSlam   Submissions Apr. 20th
#pitchmadness  *This one just passed earlier this month, but there will be another one this year. Watch for it!
#sunvssnow  *This one also just passed earlier this year, but hoping they repeat in the future!!
#nightmarequery **This one happens around Halloween  ***follow @michelle4laughs  for deets on this and the sun vs snow

**There is also the Writer's Voice coming up in May (not sure of the hashtag on this one, so follow @KristaVanDolzer for upcoming deets on this one.

**And please follow @brendadrake  - as she is one of the Pitch Contest QUEENS!!  She does Pitch Madness and Pitch Wars, the latter is one I'm aspiring to be picked for because it's AWESOME! 

***I know there's some I'm missing, but all these lovely contests and people follow each other, so you'll get the info you need!! :)

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