Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MMH - Chapter 1:Part 3

Or maybe it was just Holly that these sorts of humiliating things happened to.  She was never really good with speaking her mind out loud.  So Holly would jot it down instead.  She felt she expressed herself better in written words.  What she probably meant to say is that it was easier for her to spew a bunch of crap through pen on a piece of paper than out of her mouth.  So, rather than telling Mike that she thought he was a smoking hot babe, she wrote him a note.  Take that one step further?  An anonymous little love note from a "secret admirer".  She kept this up for a few weeks before she garnered enough courage to ask for "the meeting".

Well, he knew it was her all along, apparently.  And he wasn't interested.  And he didn't show up.  And - he sort of tormented her for the rest of junior high.  But, we're getting ahead of the story a bit. 

It made Holly a little gun-shy around boys.

Still - at the moment, she really wished he had come to the party anyways.  The group gathered in some of the first few rows in the theater - loud, full of pop and popcorn, heels kicked up on the seats in front of them and laughing out loud.  They settled a bit when the movie started, but Holly was restless.  Amy and Hill couldn't seem to sit still either, despite Corey's on-screen appeal.

"Cherry, we'll be right back," Holly whispered to her friend.

The strange boy, Chuck, was on Cherry's left and he seemed to be tickling her side.  Cherry giggled and non-chalantly shooed Holly and the other two girls away.

"Worried about missing the movie?" Amy asked.

"Nah.  We can always come back next weekend or something."

The theater lobby was pretty deserted, except for a girl or a boy here and there entering and exiting the restrooms.  Even the concession stand was closed.

"I kind of just want to walk," Holly said. 

"Around the lobby?" Hill asked.

"Outside.  Just for a second.  What do you think?"

But, "just for a second", wasn't a possibility once the girls were on the outside and the doors clicked locked behind them.

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