Friday, March 4, 2011

Find the Story Friday!! The Lurker...

Happy Friday, everyone!!  If you haven't stopped by on a Friday before, here's a quick descrip. of how this day works at The QoP:  I post a random picture (always one I've taken myself) of a person, place or thing, and then I let your imagination run wild with it!  Oh, and please share ~ :)

So, since last month was all about romantic places...I thought I'd throw in a person today.  Here you go:


I dub him "The Lurker", because he...umm...lurks.
So, your MC/s are strolling through a park, an empty underground parking lot, a dark street, or maybe even an outside amphitheatre in the middle of nowhere.  The moon is full (unless you're in the parking lot, then...the light bulbs are bright?).  All seems well...until they see this guy!!  What happens next?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!  Stay AWAY from lurkers and Happy Writing!


aspiring_x said...

ohmygoodness!!! the lurker reminds me of a flashfic i wrote once! here's a link if you're interested (it's kinda creepy):

Jess said...

Creep, creep, creeeeeeeepy! I don't want to let my imagination run wild with this one--sorry! Maybe a photo of some puppies next week, since I'll still be trying to get this dude out of my head :)

Meredith said...

Creepy! My girls would run away screaming, probably. Well, two of them would probably sock the guy and then run away.

Angela Scott said...

"Looks like Hank's done got the Munchies!"

"The Munchies?"

"Yeah, you know, for like human flesh."

"Human flesh? Dang, whata we do, Sam? Whata we do?"

"I don't know 'bout you, but I'm plannin' to shoot that human flesh munching zombie right between the eyes. You gotta gun I can borrow for a second?"

"A gun? I don't have no gun."

"No gun? Shoot, I think we're in a heap of trouble."

"What you suggest we do, Sam. He's coming closer."

"I don' know about you, Bill, but I know what I'm gonna do."

"What? What ya gonna do?"

"This!" Sam gives Bill a mighty big shove in the zombie's direction and then takes off for the hills.

*Sorry, I just always have zombie on the brain (ha,ha brains).

Anonymous said...

A zombie. Creepy looking. I'll have to show the picture to my son. He'd probably come up with a good zombie story.

DEZMOND said...

he announces Lady Gaga who does a performance for them in the park :)

Lydia K said...

It was really creepy until I looked closer and saw...a white plaid shirt?

Is he a office dude taking a scare break?

VR Barkowski said...

I'm from a small college town with a world-renowned party rep. I wouldn't bat an eyelash if I saw this guy. In fact, I may know him!

alexia said...

Super creepy! In my book, he'd end being some sort of demon or other paranormal beastie.

Sari Webb said...

Wow... that dude is seriously creepy looking

Elizabeth Twist said...

Cool photo, Donea...I cannot figure out what's going on in the lower right foreground at all, but it intensifies the creep factor substantially.

Mostly I wanted to stop by to say thank you for following, and OMG! Your dog is so cute! Do you have a larger picture of him? I am thinking we should both do a post on our pooches. Maybe we could organize a mini "pets of the crusade" blogfest, or something?

Madeleine said...

LOL! Now that would make some story. :O)

Lynda R Young said...

haha cool pic of the lurker. Unfortunately my MC's love interest shoots the lurker with his crossbow. oops ;)

Beth said...

haha...that guy is seriously creepy.

Donea Lee said...

Hi all - thanks much for the comments!! I've been a slacker/bad-blogger-buddy lately. Forgive me for not acknowledging your comments earlier.

Yes - this guy is creepy.

Plaid shirt gave him away, huh? Well...zombies do come in all shapes, sizes and clothing after all. Dead is dead. When you want some brains, fashion is out the window!!