Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Did I Forget How Great "Stand by Me" Is??

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Do you ever, for one reason or another, remember seeing a movie and thinking, "Yeah. Once was enough."? I must have had this reaction when I watched "Stand by Me" for the first time, when I was a teenager. I can't explain why, but it was always one of those movies that I was like, "Meh. I've seen it already." But, as my daughter and I were trolling through the movie selections on Amazon Instant Video the other weekend, I came across this movie and thought - "OK. Why not?"

Why not?? Seriously? What was I thinking??? I had somehow forgotten how FABULOUS this movie is. Or never realized it the first time around. Maybe it's my maturation as an aspiring writer, and well, as a basic human being, but I appreciate this story so much more now. The characters, the friendships, the "what ifs", the beautiful simplicity, the very "realness" of it all made me wish that I could write something just as good. It inspired me. And I just thought you all should know that ~ ;)

My 16-year-old daughter LOVED it, by the way. How could she not?  And just as a crazy, this-is-me-thinking-about-it-too-much aside to the movie and the actors...has anyone else realized how scary-alike the real actors and their characters sort-of ended up? Wil Wheaton/Gordie Lachance - both writers.  River Phoenix/Chris Chambers - both dead (so sad!!!)  Jerry O'Connell/Vern Tessio - both married with kids.  Corey Feldman/Teddy Duchamp - both turned out a little sad and crazy. Weird...

Anyhow - I thought it worth mentioning that your tastes and your appreciation and understanding for things can change with time and experience. Never hurts to give something/someone a second chance. Who knows - the second time around may even inspire you!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! :)


Jennifer Hawes said...

I am so gong to have to watch this again! I had a different reaction when I saw it in the theater as a teen. (All the boy crushes in Stand By Me:) My 16 year old asks me about 80's & 90's music and movies. It's fun to see his reaction.

Donea Lee said...

Hi Jennifer ~ :) Oh, yes - I had a crush on Wil Wheaton back in the day, but it was more Wesley Crusher than Gordie Lachance, lol. My daughter asks about the 80's and 90's, too. She loves old 80's movies - thinks she was born in the wrong decade... :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I saw it when I was in college and had the same reaction. Maybe I'll watch it again. Bet it's a Watch Now on NetFlix.

Carol Riggs said...

Hmm! I must be missing something, apparently--I've never seen this movie! How cool it inspired you! and that your daughter loved it too. I should remember the Second Chance thing about some books, too. ;o)

Donea Lee Weaver said...

Hi Alex and Carol! Yes - couldn't hurt to watch it at least 1 more time. And, Carol!! For sure - you need to watch it at least once in your life time, imho!! :) Enjoy ~

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