Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Journal...an excerpt from my 16-year-old self...

Ok - so there's a few hours left in my Tuesday, so I'm getting my "J" word in under the gun.  That counts, right?  :)

My word of the day is Journal.  I was given my first one when I was 8.  Number of entries during my 8th year?  One.  I haven't always been the most faithful journaler.  (that's a word, right?)  Even now, I still write in my journal, but the entries are few and far between.  But, I treasure the entries I do/did write.  I'm even going to share one with you (DON'T judge!) from when I was sixteen.  It's deep and profound - I'm warning you now.  It will BLOW your mind!!  Ready?

excerpt from the journal of Donea Lee circa 1990:

"Dear Diary,

Tomorrow I register for my Junior year.  I am so excited - It will be so much fun - I am hoping - Jen's back and we're having some fun times - saw Brian Moore at the college - his friend is good lookin'.  Met Mike Anderson - he's a cutie and wants to date me but he's 20 - met Jenny's ex-boyfriend's brother Jade - he wants to take me out cause he thinks I'm hot - but - he's 20 - met a guy named Bob from Layton on the 'vard last night but - he's 20.  Is this weird or what - if only they were 19 - then my mom wouldn't cow!  Haven't heard from John P. forever - Jill blew it with John D. but he forgave her - DARN!!  Well not much else to say - will write later.  Luv ya L.A.S.,  Done"  (imagine a line over the "o" in my name...it was a nickname, like "done" in "condone"...)

*shakes head and laughs*   Well, on the bright side - for you YA writers out there with a 16-year-old female protag... this might be valuable research!  :)  Happy A-Z'ing out there!


Caitlyn (Cait) said...

LOL..... As I was reading this I could hear Mom's voice in my head. Especially every time I read 'he's 20'. You make me laugh, Sis. Can't wait to see you this weekend. :)

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Hahaha! LOVE it! :D

Anonymous said...

You are so brave to post that - I don't think I'd have the guts. And apparently you were quite the hottie at 16!

LOL, thanks for sharing the 16 year old voice!


Jeigh said...

Wow. You mentioned 7 boys in that paragraph! And I'm impressed...when I was 16, I was getting my first padded bra so people wouldn't mistake me for my little brother, haha!

DEZMOND said...

'tis like TWILIGHT, too many teen characters for me not to get confused :)