Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Pike's Peak Writing Conference....

I hope everyone is having just a FABULOUS Tuesday out there today!!  :)

So for "P" day ~ my choice was pretty obvious.  At the end of the month I'll be attending the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference in Colorado Springs!!  Woo Hoo!!  (sort of)

I'm excited to go.  Really, I am.  The list of workshops available is pretty amazing.  Here's just a few:

The Second Logline

Learn how to develop and use "the second logline" to give your book extra pizzazz when talking
to agents and editors.

Speed Pitching

Practice your pitch and get feedback with our team of experienced “catchers.”

How to Fail as a Writer and Keep Going

Learn how to submit your work, survive rejection, and increase your chances of success.

Titillate Me, But Do It Fast!

High Concept for novelists, nonfiction writers, and screenwriters. Learn how to make your hook excite & invite.

YA vs MG

Discover the crucial differences between young adult (YA) and middle grade (MG) fiction.
Totally FRAWESOME, right??  Yes, no doubt here that this conference will be an amazing resource and learning opportunity for an aspiring writer!

What I'm not looking forward to as much is the networking aspect.  Which, is kind of what these conferences are all about.  The more connections you have in the writing world the better, right?  Ok - but, here's the problem....  when I am faced with a bunch of people I don't know...I kind of go into a state of cryogenic stupor.  It might resemble this a little:

You know, except female.  I guess that's why I find writing so liberating!!  I almost never say what I really mean to say out loud, but I can get it down perfectly on paper/screen.

I'm going alone and I won't know a single person there and I'm a little terrified about that.  My best friend and my dad are the type of people who can talk to anyone.  It's a quality I highly ADMIRE!  BUT - I'll still go.  I'll do my best.  I'll dust off my meager chit-chat skills and calm my nerves and take and deep breath and pray for miracles, because when I boil it down... speaking your ideas/stories out loud and networking is as much a part of a writer's career as the actual writing.

And I'll get by.  :)  But, if you want to wish me luck - I'm good with that.  Happy Writing!


Bish Denham said...

Oh wow! How do you choose? I'm sure you'll have wonderful time.

Jess said...

I'm not attending, but I'm planning on meeting a friend at the hotel bar on Friday afternoon/evening--our local SCBWI group is having a little happy hour for people attending the conference and I'm crashing it :) Maybe I'll see you there!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You'll have a great time regardless.
Oh, and your blog will be featured for Q - thought I'd give you a little warning!

Michael Di Gesu said...

What fun! Donea...

Relax and have a great time. Think of everyone as friendly and you'll do well.

You have a quirky and fun personality, so let everyone see it.

GOOD luck! You'll do fantabulous...

Susan Kane said...

Never been to Pike's Peak, but I know you will have a great time. Best of luck.

anthony stemke said...

The trip sounds exciting, have a great time.

Danette said...

Hi Donea! you'll be in my neck of the woods! Hope you enjoy Colorado!!! (and you don't need any luck. You'll be great!!!)

Jen Daiker said...

Donea this is brilliant! I love it!!! I think nailed the pitch and you're fabulous!!

Matthew MacNish said...

I can't believe I wasn't following your blog. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I've fixed it now.

Karen Walker said...

HI Found you from Alex's blog. Nice to "meet" you on the challenge. And Pike's Peak is beautiful. Enjoy.

Tara said...

That sounds like a great conference - I'm jealous! I bet you do fine :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

You'll have fun. Usually, there is someone near at hand you can strike up a conversation with. Just pick one person at a time and forget there's a crowd. Plus, there is usually one who loves to chat with everyone. If you make a connection you can always let her/him introduce you to everyone.

One of my introverted friends says she pretends to be one of her bolder characters and that makes it easier for her to chat.

Looking forward to your report on it.

Michelle Teacress said...

Thank you for the info. I didn't know about this conference, and it looks like a good one. I can't go this year, but maybe next year would work. :)

Alison Stevens said...

I hope you'll come back and tell us all about it, especially the YA/MG bit. :) You'll do great.