Friday, May 27, 2011

Find the Story Friday!!! Driveby Shooting....

Of a PICTURE, thank you!  :)

I realize I don't offer many people pics on Find the Story Friday.  It's simply because I feel a little weird about snapping pictures of random strangers.  ESPECIALLY when they could see me doing it and think, "What the heck is that creeper doing????"  Do you do this?  IS it weird?  Is it just me?  I suppose I could plaster a pic of my daughter up here every Friday.  Or more of my doxie, Sammy.  But, there's only so many adventures those two can find themselves in.

So, I thought I'd try the "slick" approach.  You phone at the ready, roll the window down as I slowly drive by a group of random strangers, hand goes up, CLICK, hand slams back down, window up, and *SIGH*.  Over.

And here's what you get, my friends:


So, tell me ~ What happens next?  What's going on here?  What are these people doing?  Give me your best!! 

And have a FABULOUS Memorial Day Weekend!!  May it be filled with sunshine and BBQs ~ :)


Tracy said...

there was a couple named Betty and Bill who found a time machine and were transported into the future in their teal pick-em up truck. Once they landed in 2011, they marvled at all the changes in their world; the cell phones, the restaurants, the electric cars and declared, 'Let's get the HE-- out of here!'

Bluebell Books said...

this photo is fascinating,

it looks like there is going to be a car crush.


Bluebell Books said...

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We love creativity, your input is valued.

Happy Friday!
Hope to see you in!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They are at a tiny car show filled with greasy food and The Fast and the Furious car wannabes.

Anonymous said...

Well, not to give away my age or anything, but it seems SOMEone has found the very first vehicle I drove. I wonder if they found that stack of 2-cent stamps I left in the glovebox. :)

erica and christy said...

My husband and I restored a 1955 Chevy pickup (well, I sorta' helped) and this looks like one of those small car shows/cruises they sometimes have in fast-food restaurants (around here they're at Burger King). So, obviously, the owners wandering around looking at each other's engines and commenting on whose is, um, the biggest. :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

This looks like a meet & greet for car restoration enthusiasts. Did you take it today?

One of my son's father-in-law has an amazing collection of cars he's restored. They're pretty amazing.

E.C. Smith said...

Their heading to a soap box race in which the passenger must be a goggle wearing dog. Can't you just picture it?

Talei said...

Car boot sale? I love that turquoise pick-up truck btw... is that wrong?

Anonymous said...

Cool truck! We had a bunch of oldie vehicles in our area last weekend. Must have been a car show somewhere.

Kimberly said...

LOL, about your picture taking.

Looks like a car show. My parents belong to a club like that.

Theresa Milstein said...

I see a white cartoon rabbit racing away in that vehicle. He's a terrible driver.

Meredith said...

I...have no idea. But I want to steal that car. It's awesome. :)

Donna said...

Love the truck!

Samantha Vérant said...

I love that old truck! What happens next? Well, I'm going to go all Bonnie and steal it...

Tracy said...

It looks like someone stole Bella's truck from Forks, drove it to the next town over and painted it a crazy arse color of teal.

Edward is gonna be pissed!

Angela Felsted said...

Ha, ha. Tracy, that answer is the best.