Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sisterrrrrs....Sisterrrrrs (think Bing! and White Christmas)

I felt inspired to write a little something about sisters.  My little Caitie-bug, in particular.  Why?  Because I FREAKING LOVE HER!!!  She's my mini-me, except nice.  :)  She's also my biggest (if only) fan.  And one of the few people (I'm counting on one hand here) that reads my blog.  So, Cat-lick - this one's for you!!!

Caitlyn Colby is 11 years younger than me.  The way I see it, my mom spat out me (the oldest) and my next two younger sisters, 2 years by 2 years, and we all gave her so much trouble that 7 1/2 years later she decided to try it all over again...starting with mini-me, of course.  But, 4 girls was enough apparently.  There is no mini-Lindsay, no mini-Kelly.  And, of course - I love all my sisters, but Cait and I just seem to have a special bond.

We like a LOT of the same things.  She's the only one I could ever coax into going to the theater with me.  I miss our trips and my season tickets to the Grand Theater on State St. in SLC.  I treasure our trip to the Shakespearean Festival (I maintain, we need to start making that annual!)  Our spur-of-the-moment trip to Grand Junction - lol.  Good times, good times.  Remember - she was so much younger than me that she was single for a bit, while I was married and bored easily.  She was my go-to girl for spontaneous, spend-my-money frivolously trips.  And I know that someday we'll get back to that.  Marriage and kids - it changes a dynamic sometimes.

But, besides that "special bond" - I don't think that anyone could not like Cait. She's a genuine "sweet spirit" - a kindred spirit, really. (I sooo need to re-watch Anne of Green Gables, now...) She's creative and smart and completely modest about all her many talents. She's got the most beautiful smile. A perfect smile. I'll show it to you:

(Don't kill me for posting this one!!  It's the first one I found!!!)  Ok - so, I guess I have to now post the corresponding picture of myself:

That soooo makes us EVEN!!

I have to add an explanation here - because I don't really wear my hair or makeup like this.  No, really.  We were doing "'80's makeover night" and these are the results.  Awesome, right??  Of course, once we started taking pictures, we thought that we might look like something other than '80's flash back chicks.  Here's another picture - remind you of anything?

Yep - that's me, Madame D and my...ummm..."girls".  From left to right - Caitie-bug, Amy (cousin), Karen (cousin), Kelly (sister), and Lindsay (sister).  Aren't we beautiful?  We went to Wal-Mart shortly after this picture was taken.  It was late.  One of the (female) cashiers hit on Kelly.  It was pretty cool.  "Love Shack" at the top of our lungs on the way home with my sun-roof open.....ahhh...memories.

Anyhow - about sisters.  They're GREAT!  Even the ones that aren't related to you.  And my sister Cait - she's one in a million.  Love you, love you!!  Yours - Dog-lick


Roy said...

Ha ha! You really need a different picture of me- oh well! I love you too. Oh, btw you don't have to coax me I love going to the theater. I still have all of the programs from all the plays we went to.

Donea Lee said...

I'm sure I have them all too...somewhere. You know my house is a black hole of despair...and missing objects. :) Love you, sis!

Jen Daiker said...

This was really cute!!! I have two sisters and love them to death! When I was younger I would tell you that my sister Kristin was by far my favorite, our bond was stronger than ever but since moving to Hawaii and in the Navy it hasn't been the same. Now my sister Kim and I are tighter than ever, and when we were younger it wasn't so.

Funny how things change. None the less I love them unconditional, just sometimes that one sister is a little extra special!!!