Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok - so I came up with a new word to describe my latest mood:  "Depranky".  Will it catch like wild fire?  I think not.  Unless the one of two people who read my blog on occasion decide to spread it and they both have some serious connections.  :)  So - really, this word is just for me.  Which is ok.  It's basically "cranky depression", where I can be down and out about something and pissed off about that fact all at the same time.  I tried out "Cranpression", but it just doesn't have the right ring to it.  Agreed?  So - I came up with this word and had it all worked out to beyotch and moan for a few paragraphs or so, when I realized that I do that an awful lot.  Man - if you could peruse through the pages of my off-line diary...POOR PITY ME FEST!  Is anyone else like this?  Do you tend to chronicle the not so good days more than the good days?  I worry that my future generations are going to get their little hands on my journals and be like, "Yo, Great Grandma D was wack!"  Ok - that lingo probably won't fly in 2050...I guess you never know.  We've got the 70's/80's clothing experiment in style in 2010, after all.  Still....I'm going to make a conscious effort to write about more positive experiences.  So, my next blog (with pictures!!! woot, woot!) will be about the GOOD things that happened on my recent trip to MA.  I won't bore you with the airport nightmare royale (Travelocity can bite me), so no worries.  Coming high recommendations for fall fun in New England.  Stay tuned....

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Jen Daiker said...

I think this could quite possibly catch on!!! Depranky and Cranpression... haha you had me laughing all the way through!!!

So I would like to vote for your airport chaos travelocity experience, I would love for you to share it!!! I'm a sucker for complicated stories!!

As for pictures - YES! I love seeing pictures, especially with this gorgeous fall weather!

BTW - My google reader fills fast so if you'd be a doll and stop by to tell me travelocity is up ;) I'm hopping right over to read :)