Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes, Fat Karma, and Marketability

Happy Halloween y'all!!  This is me:

This is what I dressed up as for Halloween:

Now, WAIT a minute!!!  Strike that - reverse.  My bad.  I posted those pics backwards.  The onery fat chick is me and the OTHER picture (purple shirt) is what I WANTED to be for Halloween.  But, I couldn't find one that fit... :(

Yes, people.  I've been a victim of what I like to call "Fat Karma".  I'm convinced that all those times that I secretly wished that I'd run into my husband's ex-girlfriend from highschool, or the girl my first love dumped me for, or "the one that got away's" wife, or all those mean girls in highschool, and find them all fat - well, that fat wish bounced right off every single one of them and hit me instead!!!  Because, I'm telling you.  They are ALL still skinny.  Well...except for maybe the hubbie's ex.  She must be in the cyber-space black hole cause I can't find her anywhere!?  Still - moral of the story?  Only wish good things for people.  :)

I am in a RACE to be that sexy chick in the purple shirt again, however.  There's a fancy dinner at La Caille at stake!!  So, wish me luck??

But, it also got me thinking...are skinny authors more marketable than chubby ones?  As a whole? (or are the skinny ones a "half"?)  I'm scared to death that I'll send a query out, get a request for my ms, the agent LOVES it of course and wants to meet, and then they  Current me.  Not pretty 1992 me.  And then they're just not as jazzed about representing me...because, ummmm - tours/book photos = scary!! 

You know - I know some great, wonderful, amazing big beauties that are so charismatic and comfortable with who they are that I can't imagine anyone would turn them away for anything.  But - I've just never been that comfortable in my new skin.  Tell me to just get over myself.  Please.  Come on.  Right now would be good.  Maybe, when the time comes and I have to shine no matter what - I'll do just that and everything will be fine.  *hopes - wishes*

But, aside from my little halloween costume snafu - I did have a great time.  Hung out with my gal pals Jen and Mindy, the hubbies, the kids.  Ate some great cornbread and chili.  And took some FUN, SCARY pics that I'd like to share:

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Halloween, too!!


Lynda Young said...

Happy halloween to you too. I'm always afraid of making a crappy first impression with agent and publishers as well...but when it comes down to it, it's your work that will speak loudest.

Jen Daiker said...

Those masks are creeping the hell out of me. Thank God I didn't read this on the 31st or I might have pee'd on myself a little!

I never thought about the size of the author. However I've wondered if looks play apart, if they love your novel and then judge (by what genre) what they think you'd look like.

Reality: If they love your book, they'll love you.

Reality: The last thing they care about is that your book sells, I mean, think about it, they aren't the one's standing in front of the world sharing something THEY wrote... Nope. You are.

Reality: I'm skinny, and I think I'm charasmatic and funny, but more of that happens on the blog than off (my husband says that I'm the exact same in both) but I feel he could be lying (because he loves me) regardless, I'll be a tomato in front of a sea of people.

Reality: I need to take a class.

Donea Lee said...

Thanks Lynda, Jen. I know you're both right, of course. The writing should speak for itself - especially great writing!! I'll try hard to focus on that and bench that nagging little insecurity for a while... :)