Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did you enter the Contest? I did!!

Ok - so I'm really just getting to a point where I'm trying to get my writing out there.  You know, out there, in that scary world of publishers, agents, editors, etc. 

I don't know if you've noticed, but my blog has technically been active since 2007.  This will be my twenty-fifth post - TOTAL.  Most of which have come from this year - 2010.  I've polished my work, I've really started to focus, I've been checking stuff out, I joined the League of Utah Writers and went to their Fall Roundup.  Where (very luckily) I had the opportunity to attend a query writing class by Elana Johnson.  Elana's blog is also the first one I came across that really got me motivated to start blogging more.  And (I'm guessing here) commenting on Elana's blog is where Jen Daiker, another fabulous blogger, found me.  The great circle!  Read, write, respond, and on and on it goes!! 

It's through all this that I also came across this contest  hosted by - 100 words and and a 1-line pitch to an agent!  So, I'm throwing my hat in.  Wish me luck?

Here's my pitch:

17-year-old Clara Knight thinks spending the summer in faraway New York with estranged Grandma equals Broadway shows and shopping, but what she gets instead is a family curse, stalked by an immortal Prince, and Grandma plotting against her with her new best friend/villain. 
Do you think I've got a chance?  :)


Jen Daiker said...

I think it's a wonderful pitch! I wanted to know more, I already have a ton of questions brewing in my head!

Best of luck!

M.J.A. Ware said...

I entered too.
As far as I'm concerned their could be more than one winner. That is, If she sees more than one manuscript she really likes she could request a partial or a full, even if that person wasn't the 'real' winner.
So, good luck to both of us and anyone else who entered.