Friday, November 12, 2010

Find the Story Friday!!! Lost & Found Balloons

Happy Friday, Friends!  :)  Welcome to my 1st official "Find the Story Friday"!  My plan with these (and this may evolve over time) is to post a pic of a person, place or thing that I found interesting and see if it stirs up a story in any of you as well.

Here's my pic of choice for this week:

And if this one doesn't quite inspire - here it is from a different angle:

These are my Lost Balloons.  I have to admit - I just thought they'd make kind of a cool picture at first.  But, as I got thinking about it from a story angle - I envisioned two things.

#1 - A kid's birthday party in the park.  Maybe the birthday boy/girl got their little hands on this lovely bundle of balloons - hoping it would fly them away.  Maybe he/she just wanted a bird's eye view of family and friends celebrating.  But his/her hands are a little slippery with melted icecream and the balloon bouquet gets away.  *tears*  Goodbye, balloons.

#2 - (the dark side of my brain)  A child is walking home with a balloon bouquet he/she saved all their pennies to pick up at the corner grocery store.  But, it gets lost in the struggle between child and kidnapper!  Eek! 

Just some of my thoughts... :)  What are yours?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!  I'll be back on Sunday with a post about some great artists I know!


The Happy Whisk said...

You have a nice weekend as well. Much luck with your Finding the Story Fridays.

Abby Minard said...

Those balloons look sad to me :( Like they were abandoned and forgotten, maybe a metaphor for the child who lost them.

erica and christy said...

I love tree pictures so I got lost in that for a second. Then I noticed the specks of color. Good metaphor, Abby! I'd like to think that each balloon held a secret message, meant to have been sent somewhere of importance. Only a child with the freedom of time on his side may notice the balloons tangled in the tree and release them so they can reach their final destination. That child would be a hero because he took the time to notice and free something that others overlooked. (I might have gotten a bit carried away with this story...hehe. And I'm not sure if the balloons were tangled or seen through the branches floating away in the sky already.) Thanks for this post thought! Super idea! I'm glad you found us at erica and christy.


Donea Lee said...

Wow - some great thoughts here on my sad lost balloons!! I see many stories a-stirring! :)