Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My WiPs

So, I was perusing a few great author/aspiring writer blogs today and was TOTALLY jealous of the neat little link some of them had at the top of their blogs that took them to a page all about their WiPs.  I guess maybe I'm totally lame or something (valid) because I don't know how to put this feature on my own blog.  Lamer yet is that I realize that I don't really have ANY information on my blog about what I write.  For shame!

I'm going to fix that right now.  Not in a cool link - sorry.  But, just neatly listed here for your information:

#1 focus project:  YA (contemporary) Fantasy.  65,000 word complete 1st draft called "The Glass Prince".  I'd like to make this into a series and I'm about 33,800 words into book # 2 - working title is "The Poisoner's Apple".  I've benched book 2 for a bit to try to focus on revisions for book #1.  Pulling my hair out a little, but still working on it - so GOOD!

#2 - Adult (contemporary) Fantasy.  66,000 word 2nd/3rd/or 4th draft...called "Always Sunday".  This one I haven't looked at in awhile.  It needed a rest.

#3 - My Nano project - Adult (contemporary) Fantasy (is there a better "genre" choice for this?)  Or, this one might actually be sci-fi or paranormal.  I can't decide.  It's called "The Cabin at Lost Creek".

I also have partials for a myriad of ideas - adult, ya and middle grade.  I'm kind of all over the place.  One theme that seems to string through all of my writing, however, is the magical, fantastical, sci-fi, supernatural, paranormal something.  I love, love, love things that reality deems "un".

So, now you know!  In case you were wondering... :)  What are you writing about lately?


Lynda Young said...

It's good to have many ideas. Writing is a career so we need them :)

My NaNo project is a YA steampunk fantasy. I also love the magical elements in my stories.

Jen Daiker said...

Well I have a WIP tab so it's safe to say you know what I'm working on but it was really nice to get to know what you're working on!!!

BTW - Getting those pages on your blog is super easy... A

Go to Edit Posts
(you'll see three tabs - new pages/edit posts/edit pages)
Select Edit Pages
Select New Page

Viola! Now add what you'd like... I at first copied off another blogger to get my set up ready!

If you have any questions just ask! I'll help!