Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homage to Other GREAT Artists I know - :)

I read another great blog (Lydia at "The Word is my Oyster") the other day that asked, "Where else has your creativity taken you?"  Sadly, for's limited to writing (at least I hope I have talent for this!) and probably cooking (people eat what I put in front of them, so that's a good sign, right?)  Sure, there's other things I'd LIKE to be good at.  I still want to take that pottery class someday.  But, this question also got me thinking about other people I know that are AMAZINGLY talented and I thought I'd take this Sunday to pay Homage to some other great artists.

I'm starting with my mom.  Sadly, we lost her in 2006 - sooo young, only 52.  I still miss her every single day, especially around the holidays.  She was an amazing cook, an amazing decorator (everyone wanted her to design a room in their homes!) and just awesome at crafting whatever struck her fancy.  Not to mention, she was the best mother four girls could have.  I'd like to share just a handful of the wonderful things she made that I'm lucky to have in my possession:    (pardon the tacky back-drop sheet...)

My lovely mother and just one of her cool birdhouses
I LOVE these (above) birdhouses - she rocked, grouted and painted them - there are barns, churches, log cabins, all sorts - but I loved this round one.  Here's a bird bath she did:

Bird bath from the side
From the top
Another cool rock pot she did:

Here's a Christmas pot and topiary she created - both bases are done with tissue paper - so cool! 

She shaped and curled all that ribbon, used tissue paper on pot - awesome...

Check out the detail and wrap around the handle
Here's a reversible picture she soldered silver around:

One side
The other

Some other lovely pots and jugs:

I love the antiquing finish on the middle one!
 She even did jewelry:

My daughter as model for both

Like I said, these are just a tiny, minuscule taste of all the wonderful things she created.  They were my FAVORITE gifts and the best keepsakes ever.  I'll take hand-made over store-bought any day!

My lovely sister, Cait, is following in Mom's footsteps.  Look at this cool picture frame she made for my birthday:

I also have some fabulous friends (on-line and in-person) that have talents I can't help but envy.

Here's a little shout out to one of my best g-friends, Sarah Jebian, who is an absolutely stunning singer.  She's currently in the works of putting out her first album.  I'm soooo excited for her!!!!  She's also a dancer and an actress and just an all-around great talent.  You can check out some of her performances via her FB page here. 

And another very talented blog friend, Kelly Sansom, her blog makes me laugh and her pictures I want to BUY and FRAME and HANG all over my house!!!  She's a gifted photographer - she and her husband have a photography business in Utah called "Gallery Photography".  She also makes jewelry and gourmet cooks!  Seriously, she's awesome.  Check out her blog.

And then, of course - can't forget to give thanks to all of you - more amazing friends, bloggers, writers, and just all around GREAT people!!  You all ROCK!  Seriously!  I'm happy to have met you ALL.

Happy Sunday!!


Abby Minard said...

Wow, the pottery and art your mom made is gorgeous! What a great post- it's so wonderful to recognize your talented friends! Love your blog!

kelly said...

I love that pot your mom made. You are so nice to include me in this post!

Lynda Young said...

The art and pottery are precious items. Great ways to remember your mum by.

Jen Daiker said...

Donea this is beautiful!!! I love that you shared it with us, this was super special, especially since we're giving thanks right around the corner.

She was amazingly talented and I love knowing that she passed on creativity to you, whether it be pottery or writing!

Donea Lee said...

Abby, Lynda, Kelly, Jen - thank you so much! This is a post I really enjoyed being able to share. :)

Colene Murphy said...

Wow! That is some incredible artsy stuff! I love those pots and metal framed pictures. Lovely!

alexia said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. What a great idea to give a shout out to other artistic folks! I too am a writer with no other artistic talents... I write fantasy as well!

alexia said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. What a great idea to give a shout out to other artistic folks! I too am a writer with no other artistic talents... I write fantasy as well!

Donea Lee said...

Colene and Alexia - thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my mom's great stuff. I enjoy sharing it!

Fickle Cattle said...

Those are lovely. I've always been bad at art and crafts, but I do know how to appreciate good stuff. :-)

Anne said...

I'm sorry you lost your mother. I think it's wonderful that you have so many great things to remember her with.

The Happy Whisk said...

Thanks for sharing this with us.