Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Interview - Crusader Challenge Style...

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today, I'm participating in the first crusader challenge.  And even for my wonderful followers who aren't crusading, I hope you'll find this (somewhat) enjoyable. 

The gist:  In 300 words - I'm supposed to tell the following about myself:  a secret, a lie, a interesting quirk, an annoying habit, an awesome character trait, a favorite thing...and all this while incorporating the following words seamlessly:  blade, rabbit, bloviate and fuliguline.

So - here's my attempt...300 words exactly:

“Donea! So nice to have you with me today.”

“Thanks, Blade. It’s nice to be here.”

"My name’s Wesley.”

*blank stare*

“Moving on…tell us about your book?”

“I’m glad you ask. Far be it from me to bloviate about my vast writing talent, but I have to say the love scene in the middle would put a rabbit to shame.”

“Can you give us a snippet?”

“Isn’t this a family show?”

“We’re on the Internet.”

“But, I haven’t enabled my content warning.”

“Umm. How about we just talk about you?”


“Well, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. Likes, dislikes, whatever you’d like.”

“I hate it when people use big, fancy-schmancy words for one thing when they could say the same thing in a simple way. Like – fuliguline. Seriously? It’s a duck.”

“You did just use ‘bloviate’ in a sentence, didn’t you?”


“But, I know what you mean.”

*picks fingernails* “I also love to travel. If I had the money, that’s probably all I’d do. But, I have to settle for midnight drives by the fields or mountains close to home. You know, stereo blasting, sunroof open, singing at the top of my lungs. It’s cheap, but it’s still an adventure for a girl on a budget. What else? I love my family, fiercely. And I like to think I’m always honest with people.”

“Really? What do you think of my hair?”

“It's hideous.”

"You’re right. This buzz cut went out in the '90's, didn't it?”

“Hey, I feel your pain.  I've been known to cut my own bangs at times.  Not always pretty!”

“Well, looks like we’re approaching our designated word count. Any final words?”

“Just between you and me?”


“This is my first on-line interview. So, thanks much for having me.”

“You’re welcome.”

:)  So - I may have revealed something about myself in my little mock interview that isn't strictly true.  Do you know what it is?  Hit me with your best guess, I dare you! 


LadyJai said...

Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! :D

I'd venture a guess this isn't your only online interview?

Meredith said...

Best. Interview. Ever. Also, I really want to read a scene that would make a rabbit blush--that would have to be interesting. :)

Elana Johnson said...

I'm not sure what it is, but I love to travel too, and if I were rich, it's definitely all I'd do.

Jess said...

This was awesome! I really enjoyed it :) I'll guess that your car doesn't have a sun-roof to open when you go cruising.

Mary Vaughn said...

Clever challenge interview. I wouldn't know where to begin a guess of untruth.

Liz Fichera said...

Love the part about the rabbit and, boy, this is tough. I'm guessing the lie is cut??

Anonymous said...

This post is SO delightful! I wish we could do a face to face. If I had known you lived in Utah (where?)....

I'm so glad you commented on L'Aussie's blog about my writing and life journey so I could come over here to meet you. Virginia and Utah, my two favorite places, but I'll never leave Virginia again. But I feel like my roots are in both. I still have a brother out there, and other relatives and dear friends. And now I've met you!! You're a lively writer. Awesome dialogue!

I'm now following. I'll be back!!

Ann @ Long Journey Home

Anonymous said...

p.s. I just read your If you Ever Visit Utah page. My daughter and I lived in St. George for four years. Loved the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. We love Temple Square. Have seen Bryce. Been to Logan. My mother was born in Santaquin. I floated in the Great Salt Lake when I was a teenager. My mother remembered riding the bamberger to Saltair. When I was young it had passed its peak, but I remember the visits, the penny arcade. I do have lots and lots of roots in Utah!! Reading what you wrote the memories washed over me!!

erica and christy said...

yay! fun interview for the challenge..hmmm. maybe this was NOT your first on-line interview? christy

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Um, that this isn't your first online interview????


Have a great weekend!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

Kari Marie said...

This might be my favorite post in the contest :)

I'm going to jump on the boat with your other commenters and say this isn't your first online interview.

Danette said...

Well, without cheating, I am going to say that your interview is not EXACTLY 300 words. Cute interview!!!

Adina West said...


Love it!

Now about your blog name, how can YOU be the Queen of Procrastination, when I'M the...ah, never mind.

Can we share the title?

Lisa Potts said...

Donea, just wanted to let you know that you have been chosen as a finalist in the first Crusader challenge for your very entertaining entry. Final winners should be posted Friday. Congrats!

Margo Berendsen said...

This was great! I loved this interview-style - glad you made it the finalist level. I especially loved how you used the bl and fu word - you kind of turned them into a joke. Awesome.

alberta ross said...

congrats. fellow crusader

Jennifer said...

Congrats! I enjoyed your first challenge. Very creative. :)