Saturday, September 13, 2008

1 year later - lol!

Ok - so I'm even over the 1 year mark, ha! I know myself so well. The Queen of Procrastination - I think that's what I need to change my blog name to. Anyhow - wow. For a so-called "writer" I still feel like I have nothing interesting to write about. Even after a year. An old friend send me a blog link for a family member and it was a lot of fun to read. Lots of fun pics. "Prolific" he said. He was right. I pale sadly in comparison. I took a look at Karen's blog - a new one with only 2 entries and they, also, are much more fun than mine. Of course, Karen is amazingly clever and witty. She should be the writer.

Ok - let's see. What has a year in my life brought me? No fame or fortune yet. Reconnected with a few old friends - that's always a great thing to do. One was a friend from Jr. High that I hadn't seen or talked to in 20 years! Hello, Sarah :) She still has family in UT, so Jen and I met her for lunch a month or so ago. It was fun to reconnect. Sounds like she'll be in town again around the Christmas holiday, so I'll have a chance to see her again. We also have an open invite to VA - which is where she lives. I actually took a trip to Williamsburg, VA this summer with Alex and my niece Ashley. We had a lot of fun - 3 girls on our own. It's beautiful back there. We stayed at the Marriot Manor Club - a wonderful little resort for families. I would totally go back. I took the girls to Busch Gardens Europe, Water Country USA, Virginia Beach, Colonial Williamsburg, and Washington DC. It was a FULL trip - lots to do every single day - but well worth it. It was a trade out on our time share. I'm still deciding on where I'd like to trade to next (Europe, always...but, we'll have to wait on that). This next year, I'm looking for something we can drive to. Half my budget went to plane tickets last time. Fame and fortune find me soon! That, or I could dump Ty and find me a sugar daddy. :P Just kidding...kind of.

No, I've more or less reconciled myself to the fact that fortunate futures will be mine to achieve alone. Maybe luck will smile down on me sometime soon. I do have a new book in the works - I'd share the title, but I'm completely paranoid. So far (or as far as google and amazon check out) there are no books anywhere with this title. So, I'll keep it to myself for the moment.

I have more to write - I'm sure. I'd love to post some pics, too. I'll work on it. No, really. Til then...

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