Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, Gerard....

Ahhh....I decided that I just had to put Gerard in my blog. Actually, he prefers "Gerry", but that's too common and fuddy-duddy sounding to me. I picked an older picture - because this is how I prefer him, a little scruff and his longer hair w/natural curl. Yum. My obsession is really quite subdued and understated, though. I generally only obsess in my head. No, girls and boys - I am not a member of his fan club. I don't have posters of him on my ceiling or small pics tacked to the inside of the visor in my car. Nothing in my wallet either. However, on those occasions when I do catch a glimpse of this magnificent specimen...I have to ooh and ahh and share and melt a little. Again, yum.

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bealsfam said...

Hey Donea,
Who the heck is Gerard? I know I should probably know but I don't think I do!!
Love you! Aunt Leslie