Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recurring Dream

Ok - (wow - 2 in one day, a record...) Now that I've got the blogging bug back (for the day at least) I needed to write about this completely bizarre dream I had last night. I was in my old house, the one on Nordin that I grew up in. However, I was there as I am now, married to Tyler - although Alex was curiously no where to be found... Anywho! I don't remember the whole thing (of course, you never do) but it had something to do with Tyler getting on my case about these large rats that were in the pantry. I claimed that we couldn't possibly have rats in the house, so he told me to take a look. I got on the floor and looked under the crack of the pantry door and saw a HUGE rat in a trap. So, Tyler then proceeded to put this green film on the table and used an exacto knife to cut out a square piece. He kind of winced, because he gave himself a cut and the cut touched the green stuff which was doused with some kind of poison apparently. He basically said, "ow" and kept cutting. Then he took out this metal box and opened it. Then he went to the pantry and opened the door, picked up the rat (which was ginormous, btw) and folded it up in the green film stuff and put it in the box. He told me that we had a ton of them and that the rat was only "dead" asleep. I followed him outside to my car, where he opened the trunk and there were a bunch of those little metal boxes in there. I don't quite know what happened at that point. I think I might have woken up briefly and thought I heard scampering in the ceiling. (NO! I don't really have rats...)

That's just the weird part. The recurring part is this... the dream sort of bled into another dream (same house, I think) that we were either looking to buy or looking to sell. It had this amazing secret room that you got through from somewhere in a closet or maybe it was the garage. Anyhow - it was HUGE and decked out like some primo bachelor pad, big open spaces, pool tables, leather sectional, freak lighting, HUGE! I mentioned that already. The thing is, for years I've had dreams about houses that have some secret room that I never knew about. I always know the house very well, it's often one that I've lived in...or at least part of it is similar to a house I lived in, and it always has some new secret, and larger-than-you-think-should-fit room that I just happen to stumble upon one day. Once it was like a crazy, green house type room. Sometimes, it's just a room to lounge in - some secret hide away. This new bachelor pad one was kind of crazy. It had just been awhile since I'd had a dream with a secret room and well... it was weird. Just made me kind of wonder..."huh?" And what could it possibly mean? I may do a little net research...I'll let you know what I find out.

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karenpb said...

I don't know what it means. . . but I want a secret room like that! I'll have to dream one up myself!